Integrated workflow from pore-scale to play-size for enhanced evaluation of unconventional shale plays

Benefits for customer

  • Leveraging GeoResources entire service port- folio for clients needs from Optical Kerogen Analysis to HC Systems Model
  • Applying more than 20 years of industry experience in E&P ranging from technical to commercial aspects as well as project management
  • From subsurface model to commercial model in one integrated project
  • Removing explorer’s bias by means of quantitative models when assessing plays



Optical Kerogen Analysis


Sub-Surface and Hydrocarbon System Modeling


Total Conceptual Model

Key service offerings

  • Total Conceptual Model: Consisting of an integrated numerical workflow in combination with strong conceptual models based on all available “hard” geological data such as descriptions, interpretations and samples of outcrops and wells enriched with new interpretations and feedback from modelling workflow
  • True and full data integration: GeoResources key competences revolve around optical kerogen analysis / organofacies assessment, palynology, carbonate & clastic sedimentology & diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy – all these different data sets will be integrated for the customer in order to provide meaningful HC systems / basin models in order to provide a competitive advantage

Optical Kerogen Analysis

Optical analysis of kerogen isolated from the rock using different microscope techniques.

Identification of mixed kerogen, regarding mixed composition, preservation & maturation – impossible for bulk rock based geochmical analysis.

Detailed quantification of each single kerogen type within the total kerogen.

Quantification of productive versus unproductive proportions of the total kerogen.

Quantification of oil-prone vs. gas-prone kerogen within the productive kerogen.

Sub-Surface and Hydrocarbon System Modeling

Seismo-/sequence stratigraphic interpretation.

Structural balancing and modelling of subsidence and uplift.

Reservoir modeling based on lithofacies and petrophysical data and interpolation using standard and customised algorithms.

Integration of Optical Kerogen Analysis for construction of source rock model – with customised kinetics possible.

Hydrocarbon Systems Modelling in order to calculate e.g. transformation ratio, oil/gas content in source rocks for resource plays, …

Total Conceptual Model

“Endemic” modeling with siloed information and no feedback loops to previous as well as subsequent steps is seen as missing the central point in modeling.

Even with poor and inconsistent data a full cycle of modeling / quantified play assessment can be run for enhanced play evaluation.

At GeoResources, full data integration covering as many disciplines as possible is prioritised versus large and overly detailed data sets missing essential parts such as Optical Kerogen Analysis.

Maximum turnout is guaranteed by tight interaction of highly experienced GeoResources staff enabling full integration of all available data sets – no data is left behind or aside!