GeoResources STC is an independent consulting company focused on hydrocarbon system exploration and development. It was founded in 2005 by members of the Basin Analysis Laboratory at the former Institute of Geology and Paleontology of the Heidelberg University and was located at Heidelberg University until end of 2017. GeoResources is a member of the network of science transfer centres of the Steinbeis Foundation (Stuttgart, Germany), which is focused on knowledge-transfer from universities into industry. GeoResources aims to transfer latest research knowledge into industry consultancy to improve the understanding, evaluation and exploration of georesources – mainly of hydrocarbon systems. GeoResources offers service and consultancy for industry in E&P projects of the Upstream business, but also performs R&D studies funded by industry or public authorities. Beside industry consulting GeoResources is involved in research projects  in collaborations with researchers from several universities in Germany and abroad.

GeoResources is focused on energy research, mainly conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon systems, including reservoir and basin development, source rock analysis, hydrocarbon system modeling. Additionally projects focused on geothermal energy and ore deposits are performed. GeoResources activities are focused in three directions: 1) hydrocarbon exploration studies, mainly for industry but also public authorities, 2) development of hydrocarbon exploration strategies for industry or public authorities and supervision, evaluation and quality assessment of exploration projects done by third parties, 3) training courses for hydrocarbon industry and state authorities.

Our Mission

Our Expertise

Our Team

Our Mission

GeoResources follows highest research standards in the exploration and development of georesources, mainly hydrocarbon systems, transfering latest research knowledge into industry consultancy. We provide strong industry and research expertise to improve the understanding, evaluation and exploration of hydrocarbon systems. Depending on the clients needs we offer both, integrated multi-disciplinary studies and specific, single-focused consulting studies to improve the reliability of hydrocarbon system and play models and reduce the risk of failure in exploration. Key elements of our mission include:

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Customer orientation

Project framework and duration tailored to your needs
Supporting the client in individually designed exploration strategies
Project operation and reporting according to time schedule.


Exploration-focused methods from applied and academic research
Reservoir and source rock analysis for basin and HC system models
Cross-calibration of different methods for reduced model uncertainties

Qualitative and quantitative analyses

Wide range of specific methods from geoscientific research
Improved reliability of basin and HC system models
Static and dynamic modeling from 1D to 3D

Improved risk assessment

by combination of targeted fundamental and applied research
by integrated, quantitative basin and HC systems analysis
by dynamic systems vs. static block-oriented analysis

Our Expertise

GeoResourses has carried out many studies worldwide in different types of sedimentary basins of all ages – conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon systems.

Our expertise ranges from foreland basins, intra-continental sag basins and rift basins to continental margin basin types and covers the entire earth history from the Proterozoic to Tertiary.

It includes for instance the Infra-Cambrian of southern Africa, the Paleozoic to Cenozoic of Northern Africa, Arabia and Europe as well as the circum-Atlantic realms.

Our Team

Hartmut Jäger, Dr.


Optical Kerogen Analysis
Organic maturation
Reservoir Analysis
Geochemical Analysis
Basin & HC System Analysis

Email: jaeger@georesources.de

Professional CV (PDF)

Thomas Reutner, Dipl.-Geol. (MSc)


Organic maturation
Sediment petrography
Data management & integration
Sample preparation & technical support

Former Team Members & Associated Scientists

Antrett Philipp Dr. Basin analysis Wintershall AG
Bechstädt Thilo Prof. Dr. Basin analysis Retired (Heidelberg University)
Boni Maria Prof. Dr. Base metal deposits Retired (University of Naples)
Contreras Jorham Dr. Basin analysis Xenith Pty Ltd
Drews Till Dipl. Geol. Geothermal Energy
Emmerich Axel Dr. Basin analysis EnBW
Gregorczyk Lukasz Dipl.Geol. Basin analysis Eriksfiord
Kissner (Lewandowski) Eva Dr. Basin analysis Exxon Mobil (EMPG)
Lorson Christian Dipl.Geol. Basin analysis MVV Enamic GmbH
Miernik Georg Dipl. Geol. Geothermal Energy
Munoz Q Natalia Dr. Diagenesis Universidad Surcolombiana
Perner Melissa Dr. Petroleum Geology Weatherford
Rittersbacher Andreas Dr. Basin analysis Statoil ASA
Rohrer Lennart Dr. Geothermal Energy
Soyk Dominik Dr. Diagenesis DGMK
Vackiner Alexandra Dr. Basin analysis Wintershall AG
Wipf Martin Dr. Thermochronology Exxon Mobil (EMURC)
Wenke Axel Dr. Basin Analysis Statoil ASA
Zühlke Rainer Dr. Basin analysis Saudi Aramco EXPEC ARC