GeoResources STC is a consulting company legally and financially independent, but associated to the Heidelberg University. Legally GeoResources is a Steinbeis Transfer-Centre (STC) in the network of over 1000 science transfer centres of the Steinbeis Foundation (StW). Key objective of StW is the knowledge-transfer between universities and industry. GeoResources aims to transfer latest research knowledge into industry consultancy to improve the understanding, evaluation and exploration of georesources – mainly of hydrocarbons, but also geothermal energy and ore deposits. GeoResources staff undertakes mainly R&D studies funded by industry or public authorities. Beside industry consulting GeoResources is involved in research projects carried out at the Institute of Earth Sciences of the Heidelberg University and in collaborations with researchers from other universities in Germany and abroad.

GeoResources is focused on energy research, mainly conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon systems, including reservoir and basin development, source rock analysis, hydrocarbon system modeling. Additionally projects focused on geothermal energy and ore deposits are performed. GeoResources activities are focused in three directions: 1) hydrocarbon exploration studies, mainly for industry but also public authorities, 2) development of hydrocarbon exploration strategies for industry or public authorities and supervision, evaluation and quality assessment of exploration projects done by third parties, 3) training courses for hydrocarbon industry and state authorities. GeoResources was founded in 2005 by members of the Basin Analysis Laboratory at the former Institute of Geology and Paleontology of the University of Heidelberg.

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