GeoResources will attend the PETEX 2014 Conference and Exhibition,November 18-20 in London, presenting a poster on “Unconventional Hydrocarbon Potential of Carboniferous Shale Units in the North German Basin – New Insights from Optical Kerogen Analysis”. The presentation is given at the Petroleum Geoscience Research Collaboration Showcase, an independent international conference under the auspices of PETEX 2014, organized by The Petroleum Group, PESGB and AAPG.

GeoResources principal geologist Hartmut Jäger presents new data on basin maturation and source rock quality of the southern North German Basin based on Optical Kerogen Analysis. The new data show some major differences to previous work and question the high mature nature of this part of the basin. This will have a major impact on the hydrocarbon source rock potential of the area.