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GeoResources at EAGE SES Conference, November 08-10, Valencia

GeoResources co-authors an oral presentation at the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) Sustainable Earth Sciences (SES) conference on November 08-10 in Valencia, Spain. The conference is dedicated to “Technologies for Sustainable Use of the Deep Sub-surface”.

The presentation will be given by Axel Wenke (University of Heidelberg / Geothermal Engineering GmbH) with GeoResources´director Rainer Zählke as one of the co-authors.

“Tectonic Evolution, Reservoir Distribution and Hydrothermal Potential of the Permian in the Northern Upper Rhine Graben”
by A. Wenke (University of Heidelberg / Geothermal Engineering GmbH), L. Rohrer (University of Heidelberg), R. Zählke (University of Heidelberg), H. Kreuter (Geothermal Engineering GmbH), F. Spath (ÃœWG GmbH), S. Bißmann (DMT GmbH & Co KG) & E. Zöllner (ISI GmbH)
Session: Geothermal Exploration I
Date 08.11.2011
Room 2

The presentation focuses on deep geothermal exploration in the northern Upper Rhine Graben, Germany. The project includes a PhD thesis at the University of Heidelberg by L. Rohrer, supervised by Rainer Zählke as part of his university affiliation.

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GeoResources at MAPG-AAPG 2nd International Convention & Exhibition, October 05-07, Marrakech

GeoResources will attend the MAPG-AAPG 2nd International Convention, Conference and Exhibition on October 05-07 in Marrakech. The Conference is dedicated to “Northwest Africa building on past success to unlock future potential”.

GeoResources´director Rainer Zühlke will co-chair the session “Source to sink models: impact on reservoir prediction”. Three oral presentations will be given by Georesources´members.

The Atlantic Margin Project (AMP): Integrated Source-To-Sink Analysis of the Southern Moroccan Continental Margin (Tarfaya Basin)
by R. Zählke, H. Jabour, O. Kluth, M. Aquit, S. Ali, L. Boutib, U.A. Glasmacher, B. Heise, A. Holbourn, W. Kuhnt, S. Lahsini, R. Littke, A. Lmoubessime, V. Sachse, T. Schömann, M. Sehrt, K. Stattegger & A. Wenke
Friday, October 7, Ambassadeur Room, 9:30-9:50 h

Quantitative Tarfaya Basin Development, Morocco
by Axel Wenke, Rainer Zählke, Haddou Jabour, Oliver Kluth & Torge Schümann
Friday, October 7, Ambassadeur Room, 9:50-10:10 h

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Tarfaya Basin, Morocco
by Axel Wenke, Georg Miernik, Rainer Zählke, Haddou Jabour, Lahcen Boutib, Abdelouahed Lmoubessime, Oliver Kluth & Jürgen Schober
Friday, October 7, Ambassadeur Room, 10:10-10:30 h

The session is dedicated to the Atlantic Margin Project (AMP), supported by RWE Dea AG and the Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM). The project has been performed jointly by GeoResources, University of Heidelberg, University of Kiel and RWTH University, Aachen.

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GeoResources at AAPG International Convention & Exhibition, 23-26 October, Milan

GeoResources will attend the AAPG international Conference & Exhibition on October 23-26 in Milan. The Conference is dedicated to “Following Da Vinci´s footsteps to future energy resources: innovations from outcrops to assets”.

GeoResources´director Thilo Bechstädt will given an oral presentation on the conference and, together with GeoResources´member Maria Boni, will co-lead a post-conference field trip with wide international attendance.

Oral presentation –
From a tight carbonate to a porous potential reservoir: hydrothermal dolomites in the Paleozoic of northern Spain
by Thilo Bechstaedt, Natalia Muñoz-Quijano, Maria Boni, Gabriel Gutiérrez-Alonso
Tuesday, 25 October, 11:10-11:30h
Theme I: From outcrop to reservoir II

Post-conference Field Trip 5, 26-29 October, 2011 –
Late- to post-Variscan, large-scale “hydrothermal” dolomitization in the Iglesiente area, southwestern Sardinia: geologic/geodynamic setting, fluid flow and porosity evolution
by Alessandro Iannace, Maria Boni & Thilo Bechstaedt01

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