At the AAPG/EAGE Shale Gas Symposium held in Bahrain December 11-13, 2018 the Poster OPTICAL CHARACTERIZATION AND HYDROCARBON POTENTIAL DETERMINATION OF ORGANIC MATTER IN EARLY PALEOZOIC ORGANIC-RICH SHALES presented by Dr. Hartmut Jäger (GeoResources) and Shaun Hayton (Saudi Aramco) received the Best Poster Award.

The Poster is focused on the benefits of Optical Kerogen Analysis, a workflow developed by GeoResources, for enhanced hydrocarbon potential evaluation of Early Palaeozoic shale systems on the Arabian peninsula. Optical Kerogen Analysis enables component-specific kerogen analysis, providing precise quantification of oil-prone vs. gas-prone vs. unproductive kerogen in each sample. This leads to significantly improved understanding of kerogen and source rock development and determination of the hydrocarbon potential in these shale systems, reducing model uncertainties and minimizing the risk of failure in HC exploration.