Axel Wenke, Rainer Zählke (both GeoResources, Univ. of Heidelberg), Haddou Jabour (OMHYM) and Oliver Kluth (RWE Dea AG) have published the paper “High‐resolution sequence stratigraphy in basin reconnaissance: example from the Tarfaya Basin, Morocco” in First Break (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers), vol. 29, November 2011.

The paper shows the role and advanced techniques of quantitative high-resolution sequence stratigraphy in basin reconnaissance, e.g. at an early stage of new venture exploration. It forms part of the results from the Atlantic Margin Project (AMP), a joint collaboration between RWE Dea AG, ONHYM, GeoResources and the Universities of Heidelberg, Aachen and Kiel.

GeoResources and Univ. of Heidelberg would like to thank ONHYM, Rabat, and RWE Dea AG, Hamburg, who have provided the seismic and well data and have given permission to publish this paper. The paper is derived from the PhD project of the Axel Wenke at the University of Heidelberg, which has been supported by RWE Dea AG.