GeoResources will attend the AAPG international Conference & Exhibition on October 23-26 in Milan. The Conference is dedicated to “Following Da Vinci´s footsteps to future energy resources: innovations from outcrops to assets”.

GeoResources´director Thilo Bechstädt will given an oral presentation on the conference and, together with GeoResources´member Maria Boni, will co-lead a post-conference field trip with wide international attendance.

Oral presentation –
From a tight carbonate to a porous potential reservoir: hydrothermal dolomites in the Paleozoic of northern Spain
by Thilo Bechstaedt, Natalia Muñoz-Quijano, Maria Boni, Gabriel Gutiérrez-Alonso
Tuesday, 25 October, 11:10-11:30h
Theme I: From outcrop to reservoir II

Post-conference Field Trip 5, 26-29 October, 2011 –
Late- to post-Variscan, large-scale “hydrothermal” dolomitization in the Iglesiente area, southwestern Sardinia: geologic/geodynamic setting, fluid flow and porosity evolution
by Alessandro Iannace, Maria Boni & Thilo Bechstaedt01