GeoResources co-authors an oral presentation at the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) Sustainable Earth Sciences (SES) conference on November 08-10 in Valencia, Spain. The conference is dedicated to “Technologies for Sustainable Use of the Deep Sub-surface”.

The presentation will be given by Axel Wenke (University of Heidelberg / Geothermal Engineering GmbH) with GeoResources´director Rainer Zählke as one of the co-authors.

“Tectonic Evolution, Reservoir Distribution and Hydrothermal Potential of the Permian in the Northern Upper Rhine Graben”
by A. Wenke (University of Heidelberg / Geothermal Engineering GmbH), L. Rohrer (University of Heidelberg), R. Zählke (University of Heidelberg), H. Kreuter (Geothermal Engineering GmbH), F. Spath (ÃœWG GmbH), S. Bißmann (DMT GmbH & Co KG) & E. Zöllner (ISI GmbH)
Session: Geothermal Exploration I
Date 08.11.2011
Room 2

The presentation focuses on deep geothermal exploration in the northern Upper Rhine Graben, Germany. The project includes a PhD thesis at the University of Heidelberg by L. Rohrer, supervised by Rainer Zählke as part of his university affiliation.