On the 71th Conference and Exhibition  of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)  in Amsterdam (June 8-11), GeoResources members MSc Eva Lewandowski and MSc Jorham Contreras will give two poster presentations.

The poster “Sedimentary Basin Analysis and Numerical Modeling, Paleozoic Southern Algeria” will be presented by E. Lewandowski on June 10th, 14:30 h. Coauthors are R. Zühlke, T. Bechstädt (GeoResources), M. Böckmann, V. Lampart, T. Leythäuser, V. Sauerland and B. Wirth (RWE Dea AG, Hamburg).

The poster “Seismo-Stratigraphic Interpretation and Basin Modeling of the Southern Brazilian Margin” will be presented by J. Contreras on June 11th, 13:30 h. Coauthors are R. Zühlke, T. Bechstädt (GeoResources) and S. Bowman (BHPBiliton Inc., Houston).

Further GeoResources´ members will attend the meeting in Amsterdam.