On the 6th Annual Conference of the Society for Sedimentary Geology/Central European Section (SEPM/CES) in Cracow (June 24-25), GeoResources members Dr. Hartmut Jäger, MSc Eva Lewandowski, MSc Axel Wenke and HD Dr. Rainer Zühlke will give four oral presentations.

The oral presentation “Sedimentary Basin Analysis and Numerical Modeling, Paleozoic Southern Algeria” will be presented by E. Lewandowski on June 24th, 9:00 h. Coauthors are R. Zühlke, T. Bechstädt (GeoResources), M. Böckmann, V. Lampart, T. Leythäuser, V. Sauerland and B. Wirth (RWE Dea AG, Hamburg).

The oral presentation “Mesozoic to Cenozoic evolution of the Tarfaya Basin, Morocco – an integrated approach” will be presented by A. Wenke on June 24th, 9:40 h. Coauthors are S. Dedera, R. Zühlke (GeoResources), Oliver Kluth and Jürgen Schober (RWE Dea AG, Hamburg).

The oral presentation “Seismo-Stratigraphic Interpretation and Basin Modeling of the Southern Brazilian Margin” will be presented by R. Zühlke on June 24th, 10:20 h. First author is J. Contreras, further coauthors are S. Bowman (BHPBiliton Inc., Houston) and T. Bechstädt (Georesources).

The oral presentation “Sea level variations in Cap Carbonates from Namibia – consequences for Neoproterozoic climatic changes” will be presented by H. Jäger on June 25th, 9:00 h. Coauthors are G. Spence (North Africa Research Group, Manchester) and T. Bechstädt (Georesources).

Further GeoResources´ members will attend the meeting in Amsterdam.