On April 28th 2009, Georesources members, Dr. Hartmut Jäger and HD Dr. Rainer Zühlke will give two oral presentations on the Spring Meeting of German Scientific Society für Oil, Gas and Coal (DGMK) and the Austrian Society for Hydrocarbon Sciences (ÖGEW) in Celle.

The presentation “Sedimentary basin analysis and nuemrical modeling, Paleozoic, southern Algeria” will be given by R. Zühlke at 12:00 h in the Large Conference Hall. Coauthors are E. Lewandowski, T. Bechstädt (all GeoResources), M. Böckmann, V. Lampart, T. Leythäuser, V. Sauerland and B. Wirth (all RWE Dea AG, Hamburg).

The presentation “Palynology of the uppermost Silurian to Middle Devonian from two wells in southern Algeria” will be given by H. Jäger at 12:30 in the Large Conference Hall. Coauthor is V. Lampart (RWE Dea AG, Hamburg).

Both oral presentations will be accompanied by posters in the exhibition hall. There will also be  posters presenting GeoResources´profile, service and projects.